About our company

After 16 years working full time for a major national appliance retailer, James “Jim” Sosa was tired of seeing customers have to wait up to 10 days just to get an appointment, and then wait up to another 10 days to get the part they needed. Frustrated, he thought to himself, “There’s got to be a better way to do this.”


Jim and his wife Rosalinda decided to to take matters into their own hands, together founding Jim’s After Hours Appliance Repair. It’s a different kind of company with a simple philosophy. Here, the customer always comes first--plain and simple. No gimmicks, no fancy sales pitch. Just great service at a great price.


Jim has over 20 years experience in the appliance repair industry and is a trusted professional in the field. He and his wife Rosie are ready to help, so give them a call today and experience the difference of Jim’s After Hours Appliance Repair!


Convenient, long hours: Open 8am-5pm weekdays, plus Saturdays 8am ‘til 1 pm. No more missing work to wait for the repairman!


Quick turnaround: We’ll get you scheduled as soon as possible, often the next day! And if the part’s in San Antonio, we promise to have your appliance repaired and ready to go either the same day or next day as your original appointment.


Quality Service Guarantee: A 2-hour time frame window, speedy professional service at a great price, and we’re so tidy no one will ever guess we’ve been there.